State of the Association

This has been a historic week for the BSWA.  We officially took the wraps off our facebook page, added a ton of new content to, and announced Kronies Jamfest 2011.  While progress has been slow up to this point, things are starting to move exponentially faster now.

Jamfest 2011 got a big boost this week when Kevin Lester from Kronies stepped in with a big sponsorship.  Kevin has been very, very supportive and has really given everything a big push.  In addition to Kevin’s support we have also signed on VitaCoco as a headline sponsor.  If anyone knows of any other businesses that would be interested in sponsoring us, please let me know.  I am putting together a sponsorship/marketing letter to show how sponsoring the BSWA can be a great value for any business that is interested.  We are giving all of our sponsors a listing on the sponsorship page, a banner ad, and then a spot on all of our other promotional material.

As for the league, we are going to put on a show that has never been done before:  full stats, jerseys, VitaCoco, live DJs, online posting of stats, standings, and leaderboards, in addition to full integration with our facebook page.  It’s going to be amazing.  My phone has been ringing off the hook the last few days with people trying to get in the league.  There is definitely a buzz in the community that I haven’t felt in a long time.  By the time this thing comes, I swear we’re going to add a full point to the GDP of the city.

We have also been trying to get a flag football league started that would be in the same vein as Jamfest.  Unfortunately the Ken-Ton Parks department has been very hostile to the idea, claiming that there is not enough green space available for us despite the fact that the plot of land we requested sits completely empty.  Kenmore’s Deputy Mayor, and friend of the Association, Tim McCarthy has been working closely with us to try and get the Ken-Ton Parks department to give in and allow us to have our league in Mang Park.  Good sense would think it would be a win-win but unfortunately, sometimes good sense does not always win out.  To that end, if you are interested in playing some flag football don’t be afraid to call the Ken-Ton Parks & Recreational department and let them know how you feel.

Next on our list is to bring back the historic Kenmore Day Race.  In due time, we will transform Buffalo back into a vibrant, healthy, and fun city to live in.  Thanks again for everyone’s support, this wouldn’t be possible without you.

Live healthy!


President & Founder

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