Week 6: Only One Undefeated Team Remains

In Week 6, R.I.P. Ent took down undefeated Western Conference powerhouse Malone’s in a 77-71 point victory led by Mitchell Reese (22 pts, 6 rebs) and Darcell Thomas (19 pts), extending their winning streak to three games.  In the 5pm game the Flint Tropics took on undefeated KW Appliance in a wild west style shoot out.  The two teams combined for a BSWA record 23 three point shots made.  KW Appliance controlled the game throughout until Phil Puccia (34 pts, 9 asts, 2 rebs) erupted late in the second half with a multitude of long range shots over the course of three minutes.  The Flint Tropics took the lead with only a few minutes left and held on for a 85-84 point victory sending KW Appliance to their first loss of the season.  In the 9pm game, Hutch’s took on the last remaining undefeated team in Kronies Jamfest, That’s How We Do Work.  That’s How We Do Work was missing the leadership of team captain Reuben Owens and it showed early on as Hutch’s jumped out to a 13 point lead behind the inspiring play of Jon McKissick and their leading scorer Shawn Dotzler.  But That’s How We Do Work fought back late and sealed the game behind seven late free throws by Romair Parrett and by the end of the night were the last undefeated team left standing in Kronies Jamfest.

Key Match-Ups for Week 7

In the Eastern Conference, 4-1 KW Appliance takes on 4-1 Team Chippewa at 6pm and the 5-1 Flint Tropics take on undefeated That’s How We Do Work in the 8pm game, as all four teams jockey for playoff position.  In the Western Conference Fusion takes on Norfolk N’ Chance, who are looking to bounce back from a second half collapse against the NF Boys.  The action all starts at 3pm.


The top five teams from each division will make the playoffs in the Kronies Jamfest Championship single elimination tournament, while the bottom four in each division will battle it out for a chance to play in the Consolation Bowl.  The fourth and fifth seeds will meet in a play-in game before facing off against the number one seed in each bracket.  The full schedule of dates and times will be posted on in the near future.

Kronies Jamfest Week 6 Scoring Leaders: Randy Martin 41, Phil Puccia 34, Rob Fitchlee 30, Fran Snyder 28, Brian Walter 28, Mike Ridge 28, Joe Mihalics 27, Jordan Vaccaro 27, Jerry Shanley 24, Lenny Frears 22

Kronies Jamfest Week 6 Assist Leaders: Anthony Irwin 10, Phil Puccia 9, Chas Kirsch 8, Eric Worral 7, John Meyers 6, Andrew McClaren 5, Bryan Price 4, Fran Snyder 4, Will Castro 4, Frank Dileo 4

Kronies Jamfest Week 6 Rebound Leaders: James Dovey 18, Lucas Pichette 16, Eric Worral 15, Randy Martin 13, Brian Walter 13, Brian Conley 12, Vaughn Williams 10, Rob Fitchlee 9, Zachary Kineke 9, Joe Sparacio 8

League leaders for Assists, Rebounds, and Points are posted on The BSWA facebook page.



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