Week 7: The Drama! The Suspense!

A playoff spirit was in the air in Week 7.  In the first game of the day Malone’s lost it’s second straight at the hands of the Seven-One-Sixers 71-50 despite strong games from Neil Trapper (17 pts) and Ray Fitzpatrick (31 points, 10 rebs).  In the 4pm game the Billies came out strong and stayed around behind the strong play of Tom Cavanagh (24 pts, 12 rebs), but it wasn’t enough to hold off Elmwood Village Cut & Shave who were led by team captain James Dovey, who came up just one assist shy of the BSWA’s first recorded triple-double.  In the 5pm game R.I.P Ent stayed hot with a win against Healthy Buffalo 2.0 despite a big game on the boards by Zachary Kineke (10 rebs) and another good scoring night by Randy Martin (21 pts).

The much anticipated match-up between KW Appliances and Team Chippewa left the fans wanting more as KW Appliance couldn’t match the size of Team Chippewa and let the game get away from them falling 101 to 64.  Team Chippewa was led by Rob Fitchlee, who ended up with the honors of recording the BSWA’s first triple-double.  In the 7pm game, Fusion had a big win over Healthy Buffalo 1.0, led behind the balanced attack of Eric Worral (8 pts, 5 asts, 12 rebs), Brian Zakrzewski (27 pts), and Frank DiLeo (13pts).

The highly anticipated match-up between the Flint Tropics and That’s How We Do Work had to be decided in overtime as the regular time wasn’t enough to determine the victor of these to Eastern Conference powerhouses.  Mike Ridge (23 pts) and Phil Puccia (20 pts) maintained their scoring ways, but fell short in the end as That’s How We Do Work center Darcell Williams (34 pts) did his damage inside and out and led his team to victory 73 to 69.  Norfolk N’ Chance, led behind sharpshooter and leading scorer Dean Antalik (31 pts), got back on track with a big victory over the shorthanded Tarheels despite another strong game by Jerry Shanley (38 pts).  In the final game of the night, Hutch’s had a big win over the Shining Force 65-54, helped by the return of Luke (35 pts) who took the scoring burden off their leading scorer Shawn Dotzler (12 pts).

Key Match-Ups for Week 8

In the Eastern Conference, undefeated That’s How We Do Work take on 5-1 Team Chippewa in the 7pm game.  Team Chippewa could take control of the division with a win.  In the Western Conference  Norfolk N’ Chance looks to keep their playoff hopes alive with a win against Fusion at 6pm, while the 4-2 NF Boys take on the 4-2 Seven-One-Sixers in the 8pm game.

Kronies Jamfest Week 7 Scoring Leaders: Jerry Shanley 38, Ryan Lucas 35, Darcell Williams 34, Danny Piccuilla 34, Rob Fitchlee 33, Ray Fitzpatrick 31, Dean Antalik 29, Fran Snyder 28, Brian Zakrzewski 27

Kronies Jamfest Week 7 Assist Leaders: Rob Fitchlee 13, James Dovey 9, Andrew McClaren 8, Fran Snyder 7, Sean Coughlin 7, Bryan Price 6, Danny Piccuilla 5, Dean Antalik 5, Mike Ridge 5, Emmanual Kwan 5

Kronies Jamfest Week 7 Rebound Leaders: Sean Mulhern 18, Aaron Turner 14, James Dovey 13, Eric Worrral 12, Tom Cavanaugh 12, Cantrell Parrish 12, Brian Walter 11, Rob Fitchlee 10, Ray Fitzpatrick 10, Zachary Kineke 10

League leaders for Assists, Rebounds, and Points are posted on The BSWA facebook page.


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  1. jon meyers April 13, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    how does some one get a triple double n im averagin 3 boards a game? lol

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