Week 9: It’s Playoff Time

Shining Force spark plug Jonathan Meyers displays the crossover.

That’s How We Do Work tops KW Appliances in quadruple overtime, as Shining Force comes up just shy of unseating Team Chippewa.

Buffalo, NY- It has been a long road.  Much was at stake this past Sunday.  Emotions were high, the intensity level through the roof and at the end of the night ten teams were left fighting for a piece of the championship, while the other eight will battle it out in for a chance to capture the Consolation Bowl.

In the first game Malone’s lost to the NF Boys, which dropped them all the way down to the forth seed and handed the Western Conference title to the NF Boys.  In the 5pm game Healthy Buffalo 1.0 faced off against it’s rival Healthy Buffalo 2.0 in a hard fought endurance battle of 4-on-4.  Each team really brought it, but Healthy Buffalo 2.0 ended up on top led behind the strong play of Randy Martin, who led the team with 46 points, catapulting him all the way up to 4th place in the scoring race.

In the 6pm game Shining Force battled Team Chippewa in a hard fought contest.  Team Chippewa struggled playing shorthanded until team leader and captain Sean Coughlin strolled in midway through the first half.  The win secured the Eastern Conference title for Team Chippewa and guaranteed them home team advantage throughout the playoffs.

In the 8pm game, an emotional Hutch’s team faced off against the Billies, just moments after learning that they were statistically eliminated from the championship bracket of the playoffs.  Yet they were determined to fight onward setting their sights instead, on the Consolation Bowl.   They were led to victory behind the excellent play of Shawn Dotzler (27 pts) and Tyshawn Johnson (24 pts, 5 asts, 8 rebs).

In the final game of the night KW Appliances took on 7-1 That’s How We Do Work in a marathon match between two excellent teams.  It was the longest game in BSWA history, taking quadruple overtime to declare a winner.  KW Appliances had a chance to put THWDW away in regulation but turned the ball over with the lead and 10 seconds left.  That was all THWDW needed to tie the game, and finish them off in OT.  Darcell Williams scored a season high 37 points and captured the scoring title for Kronies Jamfest 2011.  Team captain Reuben Owens suffered a high ankle sprain but is likely to be back for the playoffs.

As the regular season comes to an end, the real battle for Kronies Jamfest 2011 supremacy is just beginning.  Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.

The Play-In Games

In the 2pm game this Sunday KW Appliances looks to avenge an early season loss to Elmwood Village Cut & Shave, while Malone’s looks to put an end to their late season collapse against the Seven-One-Sixers.

Congratulations to the following players for their remarkable personal achievements:

Kronies Jamfest Scoring Champion: Darcell Williams 213 points, 26.6 ppg

Kronies Jamfest Ultimate Distributor: Andrew McClaren 47 assists, 5.9 apg

Kronies Jamfest King of the Paint: Randy Martin 80 rebounds, 10.0 rpg and Ray Fitzpatrick 80 rebounds, 11.4 rpg

League leaders for Assists, Rebounds, and Points are posted on The BSWA facebook page.

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