Kronies Jamfest 2: The Schedule is Set

Are you ready for this?

When the Buffalo Sports & Wellness Association launched Kronies Jamfest 2011 there were many skeptics.  People doubted that you could pull off a recreational sports league with stats, jerseys, online and Facebook integration, a banquet, great competition and good balance, while simultaneously becoming Buffalo’s biggest league all on the first go.  The BSWA did it and the outcome could not have been better, as each and every team and player responded by playing hard, clean, and tough.  While the competition was great, the sportsmanship was better.  Not a single player was removed from the league, there wasn’t a single forfeit, and virtually all the games started right on time.

It is now time to kick off Kronies Jamfest 2.  There will be even more in store for the summer league as seven new teams enter the fray, along with many others from the last session.  It all starts this Sunday at 3pm.  The following is the schedule for Week 1.  The rest of the schedule will be distributed on Sunday and posted online.  

3pm:  Papa Jakes (Marc Antelik) v. Sponge Bob Square Pants (Jonathon Burgio)

4pm:  Victor’s Bar & Grill (Louis Carey) v. Paper Beetch (Jordan Vaccaro)

5pm:  Flint Tropics (Nick Pfohman) v. Wacky Waivable Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tub Men (Jon Matchette)

6pm:  Billies (Richard Lynch) v. Norfolk N’ Chance (Anthony Giordano)

7pm:  Ebony & Ivory (Tim Book) v. Swagged Out (Chris Wagner)

8pm:  Court Justice (Eric Justice) v. Healthy Buffalo (Chas Kirsch)

BYE:  R.I.P. Ent

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