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* Every player must wear the league jersey for games.  Additional jerseys can be purchased at any time for $15.

* Every team makes the playoffs.  The #1 seed gets a first round bye.

* 2 timeouts per half, use them or lose them.

* Because there are an odd number of teams in each division, some teams will play one more game than other teams.  Winning percentage, then head-to-head match-ups, then total points will determine your final position for the playoffs.

* If you are on Facebook,please support The BSWA with a ‘like’ and be the first to know top ten scoring leaders, breaking news, league updates, and times for pickup games throughout the season.

* The BSWA does not support drinking, but if you do like to enjoy a cold beer after the game, please swing by Kronies, which is right around the corner down Elmwood to enjoy a free glass of beer or team pitcher after every game.

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