Reflecting on Kronies Jamfest 2, Anticipating the Third Incarnation

With Kronies Jamfest 2 officially in the books, it’s already time for the BSWA to see how we can make Kronies Jamfest 3 better, more refined, and more electric.  For the third edition we are eliminating the bye week.  With games played on the weekends, there will naturally be a bye week at least once each session for holidays, adding another bye week takes people out of the loop for too long.  For the third session and going forward, we will move back to the top four format for making the playoffs, while the rest of the teams will play for the Consolation Bowl.  Every game counts.  Drop out of the top four and your championship dreams will be crushed.

Deep at thought on Kronie Jamfest 3

For the third session we will also unveil the Kronies Jamfest All-Star game.  Think you are one of WNY’s top ballers?  Prove it on the court.  All-Stars will be selected by 1/3 fan vote, 1/3 player vote, and 1/3 BWSA vote.  All players selected will receive a custom made All-Star jersey for the game to keep for their accomplishments.  The All-Star game will follow immediately after the League B and League A championship games and will be complemented with food, drinks, and music for the fans and be recorded live.

We would like to welcome The Law Offices of Timothy J. Hennessy as an official sponsor to the BSWA.  Record a triple double, drop thirty points or hit the game winning basket?   Good work, you just might be named The Law Offices of Timothy J. Hennessy Player of the Week.

We would also like to welcome Isagenix as a league sponsor.  Isagenix provides a wide range of nutritional supplements to take your game to the next level.  Check back soon as we add links to the Isagenix website where you can get more info.

Kronies Jamfest 3 will be upon us in no time.  Work on your vertical, touch up your jumper, jog five miles a day to work on your endurance.  Do whatever it takes.  The competition will be fierce.  Every advantage you can get will be put to use.  And most importantly:  Register today, before its to late.

Live Healthy!

Chas Kirsch
President & Founder

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