The Countdown to Tipoff has Begun

Anticipation builds to a fever pitch for Kronies Jamfest 3.  Registration overflows locking out a number of teams.

Registration will be officially closed tomorrow at noon.  Anyone who is sitting on the sidelines should register immediately.  At noon the BSWA will work on finalizing the schedule which will be posted by Wednesday night.  Kronies Jamfest 3 is guaranteed to be the area’s #1 league as teams come from all over WNY to compete for a chance to share in the glory of a Kronies Jamfest title.

Stay posted to as we will soon unveil the Kronies Jamfest all-time scorers list.  Where do you rank?

Here is an updated list of all the registered teams in Kronies Jamfest 3:

  • Captain Jon Burgio and Sponge Bob Square Pants
  • Captain Eric Justice and Court Justice
  • Captain Franklin Jackson and Healthy Buffalo
  • Captain Richard Lynch and the Billies
  • Captain Jasen Ineson and the VeryAggressiveGuysInterestedInNotAlwaysLosing
  • Captain Steven Fretthold and AXA
  • Captain John Papincak and Swoopin In On Ya Girl
  • Captain Nick Lange and the Wolfpack
  • Captain Jeffrey Davis and Hit It & Quit It
  • Captain Bashir Ansari and Team First
  • Captain Daniel Moreno and Hoops Unlimited
  • Captain Joseph Nezezon and Pick n Tootsie Rolls
  • Co-Captains Chris Wagner & Mike Cepeda and Swagged Out
  • Captain Nicholas Battaglia and Team Rocket
  • Captain Matt Magorski and the Queen City Stampede

In addition to the 15 teams listed, one of the following teams will also join the mix:

  • Captain James Dovey and the Village Cut & Shave
  • Captain Darcell Thomas and the defending champions R.I.P. Ent
  • Captain Sean Coughlin and Team Chippewa
  • Captain Marc Antecki and Papa Jakes
  • Captain Pat Moeller and Hutch’s

If your team misses registration there are still a couple of individual spots to be filled.  Kronies Jamfest only comes three times a year, don’t be left in the dark.

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