Week 1 Schedule

Week 1 Schedule is posted below.  Complete league schedule will be distributed on Saturday.  Bring your ‘A’ game.

1pm:  Hoosiers (Marc Antecki) v. Team Dovey (James Dovey)

2pm:  Hit It & Quit It (Jeff Davis) v. The Wolfpack (Nick Lange)

3pm:  Sponge Bob Square Pants (Jon Burgio) v. Swoopin’ In On Ya Girl (John Papincak)

4pm:  Pick N’ Tootsie Rolls (Joseph Nezezon) v. Queen City Stampede (Matt Magorski)

5pm:  Billies (Rich Lynch) v. Team Rocket (Nicholas Battaglia)

6pm:  Healthy Buffalo (Franklin Jackson) v. Team First (Bashir Ansari)

7pm:  Hoops Unlimited (Daniel Moreno) v. VeryAggressiveGuysInterestedInNotAlwaysLosing (Jasen Ineson)

8pm:  Court Justice (Eric Justice) v. R.I.P. Ent (Darcell Thomas)

BYE WEEK:  AXA (Steven Fretthold) & Swagged Out (Chris Wagner & Mike Cepeda)

Eight games.  Top four teams make the playoffs, next four go to the losers bracket.  It all begins this Saturday.

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