Welcome to Kronies Jamfest 4


Greetings BSWA Players,

It was almost exactly one year ago to this day that we kicked off Kronies Jamfest 2011.  Since then we have grown to an association of over 40 teams, 300 players, and have laid claim to the title as Buffalo’s #1 basketball league.  Each season we look to refine our formula, while adding a thing or two to the mix.  This season we will introduce the 3-point Shootout over All-Star Weekend.

The only downside to the rapid growth of the BSWA is that it is getting harder and harder to accommodate our growing list of teams.  Each season registration fills up sooner and sooner leaving more and more teams out of the mix.  For the forth season we sold out of team spots almost two weeks before tip-off and had a record seventeen teams locked out of the league, leaving a lot of frustrated players and teams.  With eighteen teams and games running until 11pm we don’t have a lot of wiggle room to add additional teams.  Up to this point we have always gone the first eighteen teams paid play, but with more and more teams being left out of the mix it may be time to consider other options to make sure we have enough spots available for returning teams.  Please feel free to send feedback and suggestions to  While we do our best to accommodate everyone, I’m not sure there is any way to set it up except the first teams paid play.  As long as you always have more teams then spots available there will always be teams left out of the mix. Nevertheless please send me your feedback as a lot of teams were upset with missing registration.

With that being said the schedule for Kronies Jamfest 4 is now live.  We have moved it to a drop-down menu at the top of the page where you can see the whole schedule all at once, rather than posting it each week on the sidebar.  I hope everyone has been working on their game because Kronies Jamfest 4 will be the most competitive yet, not a single win will come easy, and only a team that displays a tremendous amount of grit, fortitude, and teamwork will have a chance to hoist the 36″ Kronies Jamfest Trophy at mid-court.  Good luck to all and may season four be the best yet.

-Chas Kirsch
President & Founder

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