The Schedule is Set

Kronies Jamfest 5 is nearly upon us and will be the most intense season yet as a record twenty-one teams from all over WNY are coming to compete for a title.  The waiting list to get into Kronies Jamfest now stands at eighteen.  There are a small number of new teams that made it into the summer season and a host of returning teams.  To see the full season schedule click the Kronies Jamfest drop-down menu at the top of the page.  Here is the first week’s schedule:

Eastern Conference

1pm IMPROV U Got Kirbstomped
2pm R.I.P. Ent Hoosiers
3pm UPB Court Justice
4pm Spartans Sponge Bob Square Pants
BYE Norfolk N’ Chance

Western Conference

5pm White Men Can’t Jump Geeks N’ Sneaks
6pm The U.H. Billies
7pm Flint Tropics Reloaded
8pm Healthy Buffalo Swagged Out
9pm Practical Modern Basketball Points In A Hurry
10pm VeryAggressiveGuys Concrete

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