Buffalo Gets Set to Take Over the Q

Roster selections for the All-Star game bring a mix of excitement and anger.  Everyone who joins us in Cleveland can shoot around on the court and have their picture taken by a professional photographer.  Plans for postgame festivities will be announced shortly.

Buffalo, NY- All but two of the selections for November 17ths All-Star game have now been made.  It is impossible to create a perfect system to select 30 players from a pool of over 150 excellent people and athletes for such a highly anticipated event, but we did our best.  There were seven automatic selections: the leagues top five all-time scorers and the leading scorers in each division through the final week before the event (which are still in play).  For the remaining 23 picks a pool of approximately 70 candidates were pulled based on performance, sportsmanship and contributions to the league since its inception.  From this pool, 23 players were randomly selected.  Such a methodology is open to imperfections, meaning some teams got more representation than others and some players that were not selected could in fact be more deserving than those that were selected.  Also having the game in the middle of the season heavily favored incumbent teams.  With that being said we did our best to give everyone a fair shot and welcome any feedback.  Here are some more updates for the Night @ the Q:

  • Alternates:  In the event that one of the 20 players picked can’t play or can’t make the trip to Cleveland, an alternate will play in there place.  The alternate will be selected in the order listed on the page from left to right.
  • Scoring Leader Selections:  The top scorer from each division will take the final two spots.  The top scorer will be determined by average, not total points, in order to give teams that have already had their bye week a fair shot at a spot.  The players must have made all their scheduled games to qualify.
  • Doors Open at 3:15 for Everyone:  Come early and bring your BSWA jersey and court friendly shoes so you can shoot around on the court and have your picture professionally taken.
  • Postgame festivities will be announced shortly.

Get ready for an amazing weekend of basketball action.  Reserve your tickets ASAP!

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