Monday Night Madness!

Town Boys & Girls Club 4-on-4 League gets set to kick off forth season, while the BSWA launches a brand new league at the APEX. 

It’s almost the new year and it’s time to make your resolutions for 2013.  Forgot about dieting and putting in time on the treadmill and work on taking your game to the next level.  The BSWA is about to kick off the forth season of the TBGC 4-on-4 League and we are set to unveil the brand new APEX League.  The APEX is a brand new gym about three miles north of the UB North campus.  Both leagues are guaranteed to be the tops in the area.  Existing BSWA ballers will tell you, no one runs a hoops league like the BSWA.  Both league will have jerseys, online stats, standings, scheduling and much more.  Registration is now open for both leagues.  For additional information contact Chas at or click the links below:

TBGC 4-on-4 League

APEX Basketball League

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