Healthy Buffalo Champions League 8: Round 1 Schedule

HBCL Logo 570After nine weeks of heart-thumping action the Champions League playoffs are upon us!  Please note that the semis and finals will both be played on 8/25 so be sure to clear your schedule if you have title hopes.  The Monday after the Championship game the Knights of Columbus will begin work on replacing the gym floor, which will be in full gear for next season.  Get you ‘A’ game ready!

Round 1 (8/18):
3pm:  Buffalo Braves (4) v. Swoopin’ In On Ya Girl (5)
4pm:  Full Clip (2) v. Fastbreakers (7)
5pm:  Norfolk N’ Chance (3) v. Sponge Bob Square Pants (6)
6pm:  White Men Can’t Jump (3) v. Team First (6)
7pm:  VeryAggressiveGuys (4) v. Billies (5)
8pm:  Healthy Buffalo (2) v. Reloaded (7)
9pm:  Schiller Park Boyz (1) v. Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (8)
10pm:  YAO Know What I Ming (1) v. Raw Dawgs (8)

The Semis & Finals (8/25):

3pm thru 9pm: TBD

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