No Sell Out for the Champions League?

HBCL No SelloutFor the first time in league history we are in jeopardy of not selling out!  If you are not registered and count on playing please register your team ASAP!  Wednesday is the absolute last day to register!  If your team is not listed here you are not registered!  Contact Chas at if  you have any questions about your status.

Here is the current roster of teams (Can we hit 22 again?):

1 United Hoops Justin Stokes
2 Niagara University John  K. Spanbauer
3 Superstars Tito Harris Jr.
4 Cleveland Steamers John Meyers
5 Court Justice Eric Justice
6 Franchise Players Jamel Gibbs
7 Tune Squad Justin Andreozzi
8 Norfolk N’ Chance Anthony Giordano
9 Yao Know What I Ming Zach Shroyer
10 Billies Richard Lynch
11 Fastbreakers Nick DeMonte
12 VeryAggressiveGuys Jake Jankowski
13 White Men Can’t Jump Frankie Musso & Nick DiGangi
14 Healthy Buffalo Paul Staring
15 U.H. Mike Capuana
16 Team First Bashir Ansari
17 Concrete Gary Lee

We have a number of other teams which have verbally committed but not yet registered.  Don’t delay, register today!

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