All Top Seeds Advance in the First Round of the APEX A League Playoffs

Uchenna Healthy Buffalo

Getzville, NY-

Here are your first round scores!

7:00  (8) Ingram Micro 44 – (1) Western University 64

8:00  (2) NF Ballers 67 – (7) Pinheads 53

9:00  (6) Mike Hirschs Gun Show 26 – (3) Gimmie Sum A Dat Juice 73

10:00  (4) Run N’ Gun 65 – (5) O.K.E. 62

It was all top seeds in the the first action packed round of playoffs at the APEX last Monday.  First seed Western University put down eighth seed Ingram Micro by a 20 point margin 64-44.  Cody Williams and Devin Case of Ingram Micro put up 14 and 13 points respectively, but it wasn’t enough to over come the huge 26 point performance of Jay Wolcott and the 17 added by John Papincak of Western University.

It was a 5 point game at the half, but second seed NF Ballers played a disciplined game and managed to end the game over the Pinheads by a decisive 14 points 67-53.  The Pinheads made a valiant effort with Daryl Spencer dropping 18 points and Seth Wittlinger 17.  Robert Harris of the NF Ballers managed to score a commanding 23 points with 19 chipped in by Andre Wilkes.

It was all number three seed Gimmie Sum A Dat Juice in the 9 pm game against number six Mike Hirschs Gun Show in a 73-26 rout.  Scott Kleinhans and Jay Mortimer played their hearts out and scored all but 2 of the Gun Show’s points posting 13 and 11 respectively.   Gimmie Sum proved to be too much as Quintin Redfern scored at will putting 24 on the board almost matching the Gun Show’s team total.  Jon Burgio added 15 and Kenny Campbell 14 sealing the deal.

The last game of the evening was a nail-biter as fourth seed Run N’ Gun just managed to oust fifth seed O.K.E. by 3 points.  Everyone on O.K.E made good contributions, but Eric Hall was outstanding with 23 points followed by DJ Young with a respectable 15.  Uchenna Gigi of Run N’ Gun was the star of the game boasting a huge 24 point game.  Chaz Hooks contributed a big 19 points and Jaden Cotton helped out with 12 to bring in the final score at 65-62.

The action is sure to be intense in the semifinals next Monday as the four top seeds will be going head to head starting at 8:00 pm.  Visit the Apex for the chance to see some of western New York’s best ballers in action!

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