Apex A Playoff Teams Decided in Week 8, Vying for Position in Week 9

Quintin RedfernGetzville, NY-  The lineup of teams for the next playoff series of the Apex A league has already been decided.  Unfortunately with Court Justice’s loss to Ma The Meatloaf and Ingram Micro’s Win over the NF Ballers, no team in the bottom three has a chance of clinching the 8th and final playoff spot.  Instead, in week 9, the top 8 teams will be vying for position and all important home court advantage.  Western University is sitting pretty on top of the standings with a perfect 7-0 record, but it will be difficult to end the season undefeated as they take on the number 2 NF Ballers in the final week of play.

Here’s a recap of the week 8 scores:

6:20  O.K.E. 51 – Gimmie Sum A Dat Juice 64

7:15  Run N’ Gun 71 – Western University 78

8:10  NF Ballers 50 – Ingram Micro 62

9:05  Gun Show 38 – Pinheads 52

10:00  Ma The Meatloaf 55 – Court Justice 52

Highlights:  This weeks offensive powerhouse was Quintin Redfern who threw down 25 points in Gimmie Sum A Dat Juices’ 64-51 win over O.K.E.

Stay tuned for coverage of the sure to be intense week 9 action!

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