The Brotherhood Sits Alone After 6 Weeks

APEXBW6Getzville, NY-  Only the brotherhood has yet to suffer a loss after six weeks of play.  This comes after only a close 2 point victory over now second place Solid Basketball Group.  The intensity is sure to heat up in the final weeks as each team tries to differentiate themselves in the standings.  Stay tuned!

Week 6 Scores:

7:15  The Brotherhood 49 – Solid Basketball Group 47

8:10  Pimpin Ain’t Easy 65 – Triple Threats 59

9:05  Gimmie Sum A Dat Juice 57 – Panthers 63

10:00  Off Constantly 58 – Shining Force 54

Highlights:  The Panthers Jake Tyno lit up the scoreboard this week’s high scoring honors with 23 points to help lead his team past Gimmie Sum A Dat Juice 63-57.

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