Champions League XII Through Five Weeks

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Through five weeks of action the West Side Connection is the only undefeated team remaining.  In League B the field is wide open.

With three weeks of regular season games remaining the West Side Connection is the only team without a notch in the loss column.  They came out this season with something to prove after capturing the League B title in Season XI.  The road to the finals won’t be easy though as this Champions League is perhaps the deepest ever.  The Black Market delivered a message this past Sunday with a monster win over Ernie Johnson’s My Dad.  Black Market captain Jamaal Cottman declared his team the team to beat.  Although sitting at just 3-2, they have the potential to run the table for the rest of the regular season.  Although the competition is intense, there does not yet appear to be a team approaching dynasty status.  Through the first eight seasons, the Champions League had a number of dynasties, including R.I.P. Ent, Court Justice, and Sponge Bob Square Pants.  Teams that were loaded with talent and who had a chance to run the table each season.  There appeared to be a dynasty in the making when the Toon Squad racked up 21 consecutive wins in their first two seasons in the league before falling in the finals in season ten against Pelican Bay.  However, they don’t appear to be the same team without court general Adam Brasky, who has proven to be perhaps the best point guard in the league’s history and sharpshooter Josh Becker.  Perhaps the West Side Connection is the next dynasty in waiting.  They will have three challenging games to finish off the regular season and the opportunity to prove their point.

Macho Arroyo Healthy Buffalo 750 In League B the field is wide open with all but two teams just one game out of first place.  The beauty of League B is that you have the same teams battling it out each and every season.  The combination of history, rivalries and balanced competition has really developed this league into something special.  Of all the division’s powerhouse teams, only two have not yet captured a title: the Billies and Triple Threats.  Both of which currently share a piece of first place in the division.  Ben Walkow Healthy Buffalo

With three weeks to go there is still plenty that could happen.  Will the Toon Squad gel together with the addition of Mike Ridge?  Will newcomers Masten’s Finest make a late season run to spoil the chance for the Billies or the Triple Threats to capture their first title?  Or will White Men Can’t Jump recapture their title and reclaim their dominant position in League B?  Stay tuned to the action over the next few weeks to watch it all unfold.

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  1. anonymous November 9, 2014 at 7:49 am #

    Sir, with all due respect, I believe the refs in this league are very bias and they should be a lot more fair with their calls. I think its a bit ridiculous for one team to shoot 25-30 free throws a game to the opposing teams 2-3..I don’t want to get into detail but it is becoming very obvious and it is extremely frustrating as a player and spectator

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