Rachelle Matthys Leads TBD to a Perfect 4-0 Start

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With three weeks remaining TBD looks like the team to beat, while the Geriatric Lady Bears Ona Halladay has just moved past Harper Bishop in the chase for the scoring title and the Healthy Buffalo shooter shirt. 

Buffalo, NY-  A lot has changed over the past six weeks of action.  The level of intensity has picked up, as has the quality of play.  The NDN Gunners, who seemed invincible to start the season, have dropped two straight after jumping out to a 3-0 start.  The Shining Force has come on strong over the last couple weeks behind the strong play of Harper Bishop and Eva Cunningham.  Their big win over the Geriatric Lady Bears this past week showed just how far they have come since Week 1.

The Toon Squad is the only team that has not picked up a win thus far.  They have had some tough games, including a blow out loss to TBD this past week.  Yet even the Toon Squad has made quite a bit of progress since opening week.  Mel Fisher had her season high in scoring this past week with a 22 point performance against TBD, while the addition of Rachael Refermat has provided some additional athleticism to their lineup.

With three weeks to play, anything could happen.  Stay tuned to the action every Wednesday night at the NBCC to see how everything unfolds and visit the Healthy Buffalo facebook page to check out close to 1,000 photos of league action.

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