$1000 Spring Basketball Challenge: The Stakes Are Rising


$1000 Spring Basketball Challenge: The Stakes Are Rising

For all of our Men’s Basketball leagues this season, there is a new twist.  After winning your respective league, you will punch your ticket to the final playoff between each of the league’s champions.  The winner of this playoff will win $1000 and a set of personalized Healthy Buffalo jerseys with their names written across the back.  Here are the links to register for each respective league:

Sunday: Champions League XIII A & B (the original)
Monday: APEX A League (yes, it has returned!)
Tuesday: NBCC C League (for beginners)
Thursday: NBCC A League (Buffalo’s fastest growing league!)

The rules are as follows:

– There will be the same eligibility rules to play in the final playoff that there are for our league games.  Every player must play in at least four regular season league games to qualify for the final playoff.

– The award will be distributed evenly between the players that are at the game.  No exceptions.  If someone can not make the game but has played with you during the season, it is up to the teammates if they want to split the prize with him.

– If a team wishes to play in multiple leagues and wins them, it is just one less team in the final playoff.

– If a player plays in multiple leagues and advances to the final playoff in more than one of them, that player will have to choose which team he will play on in the final playoff.  He cannot play on more than one team for the final playoff.

If you have any other questions please send an email to  Registration is now open for all league.


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