Are You Prepared For the First Ever Healthy Buffalo 3-Point Shootout?

3 point shootout

The first ever Healthy Buffalo 3-point shootout is set for 7:30 pm this Saturday! 

Who’s the master of the three?  As commissioner of the Healthy Buffalo leagues I hear that a lot.  Now we have the platform to settle the debate.  Our 3-point shootout will be 100% legit and go as follows:

  • There will be five ball racks stationed around the 3-point line with four basketballs in each rack.
  • Each rack will have three regular basketballs worth 1-point and one red, white and blue money ball worth 2-points.
  • Contestants will have one minute to shoot all 20 basketballs.
  •  The top three men and women will advance from the first round to a final shootout in the second round.
  • The winner of the men’s and women’s competition will each take home an awesome bowl trophy and eternal bragging rights and a spot in the history books for winning the first ever Healthy Buffalo 3-point shootout.

Hear are contestants for each bracket:

Men’s:  Josh Becker, Mark Gross, Shawn Satarian, Nick Jarmusz, Will Castro, Mike Bennett, Z Smith, Aris Schultz, Mark Giordano, Nelson Thornton, Mark Ward, Roy Wallace, Darrik Castronova, Jerry Shanley, Rod Middleton.

Women’s:  Rachelle Matthys, Clarissa Matias, Brittany Perry, Cara Gustafson, Magan Campbell, Tara Topolski, Shyasha Spencer, Christina Morris.

Stick around after the shootout to check out the Tournament of Champions $1000 finale following immediately after the contest!

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