Rachelle Matthys Puts on a Show in the First Triannual 3-Point Shootout

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Rachelle Matthys and John Papincak lock up first place in the first ever Healthy Buffalo 3-Point Shootout

Buffalo, NY-  The 3-Point Shootout was the perfect touch on the newly introduced Tournament of Champions.  There were 19 shooters who competed for the crown in the first triannual competition.  Analysts had picked Josh Becker as the favorite in the men’s division, but it was John Papincak who stole the show in the men’s division.  After being snubbed from the initial selection of shooters, he was added late as Darrick Castronova from theWELL backed out.  He used the snub as motivation to out-shoot Rod Middleton and Zoron Smith in round two of the competition to win the men’s division.

The women’s division would have been a bust if not for the historic performance by Rachelle Matthys.  Two of the ten shooters selected could not make the competition due to injuries and another three were no-shows entirely, which put a bit of a damper on the competition.  However Matthys saved the day with a remarkable display of shooting, racking up a score of 12 points in the first round and a record 17 points in the second round.

Here is a break down of the complete shootout:

Men’s Bracket (Rd 1):

  1. Mark Giordano:  3 points
  2. Shawn Satarian:  8
  3. Zoron Smith:  11
  4. Roy Wallace:  2
  5. Mark Ward:  7
  6. Aris Schultz:  8
  7. Nelson Thornton:  8
  8. Mark Gross
  9. Nick Jarmusz:  3
  10. Will Castro:  8
  11. Mike Bennett:  8
  12. Jerry Shanley:  9
  13. John Papincak:  11
  14. Rod Middleton:  15
  15. Josh Becker:  8

Women’s Bracket (Rd 1):

  1. Rachelle Matthys:  12 points
  2. Clarissa Matias:  No Show
  3. Brittany Perry:  No Show
  4. Cara Gustafson:  7
  5. Magan Campbell:  Injury
  6. Tara Topolski:  11
  7. Shyasha Spencer:  No Show
  8. Christina Morris:  Injury

Men’s Bracket (Rd 2)

Zoron Smith: 9
John Papincak:  14 (WINNER)
Rod Middleton:  9

Women’s Bracket (Rd 2)

Rachelle Matthys:  17 (WINNER)
Cara Gustafson:  9
Tara Topolski:  5

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