Champions League Madness Through Three Weeks!

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Healthy Buffalo welcomes the largest slate of teams to ever compete in Champions League action.  Through three weeks no A League team remains unbeaten.

Buffalo, NY-  Healthy Buffalo welcomed the largest slate of teams ever to participate in the summer edition of Champions League action.  Through three weeks no A League team remains unbeaten, there may be a new record for overtime games in a three week period and there is a lot of new blood in the mix.

The A League is wide open.  0-100 currently stands in first place, but they fell to Family First this past Sunday.  Rich Walsh picked up right where he left off after his inaugural season in the spring and currently has command of the scoring chase.  Asareese and captain Dave Nelson of North Buffalo Community Center fame have added a nice infusion of youth, speed and hustle into the mix, and Slime will look to defend their Tournament of Champions title in the A League after coming up through the B League to capture the title in the spring.

Adam Brasky has returned to the court for the Toon Squad after sitting out three season recuperating from a torn ACL.  Will his return be enough to give the Toon Squad the boost they need to avenge their Tournament of Champions loss?  The West Side Connection have gotten off to slow start but are sure to be in the mix down the stretch.

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One can see already that League B is poised for another classic season that will come down to the very end.  Fifteen teams enter with only eight available playoff spots.  Every game counts.  No one can take a week off without fear of falling out of the mix.  The competition is as strong as it has ever been.  Almost all the teams returned from the spring and their are a handful of new additions as well.

Nick DeMonte has the Triple Threats in gear.  Not much needed to be done to their roster in the off season as they brought back Rayseasn Johnson and Shawn Satarian, whose one-two offensive punch is as good as any team in the league.  The Very Aggressive Guys reunited with league legend Mike Bennett and have reclaimed their standing in the league and will likely be in the mix as the postseason arrives.

With five weeks remaining who will make a name for themselves in WNY’s biggest basketball league?  Who will be the team to bring home the $1,000 prize?  Who will earn the Healthy Buffalo legacy jersey and be the one whose grand kids are loading up YouTube videos of them forty years from now?  There is still plenty of time to make your mark and to take home Buffalo’s top basketball honors.  The action resumes this Sunday.

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