Maple Fever takes the third season of Healthy Buffalo Broomball by storm.


With season 3 in the books, four teams earned a spot to contend for the season 3 championship, but onlyone team would get to hoist the coveted Dutchness of Canalside trophy.

The first game featured the #1 seed, Maple Fever, against the #4 seed Pup ‘N Suds.  Pup ‘N Suds opened up the scoring early in the game with a goal from Bryan Bader to set the tone for the matchup.  It did not seem to faze the undefeated Maple Fever as they responded with not 1, but 2 goals in the remainder of the first.  First from Randy Krupski and followed up shortly from Andy, giving Maple Fever the edge through the opening period.  The battle continued through the scoreless second period into the third, where Randy scored his second goal to widen the lead, and seal the victory.  Maple Fever advances to the finals.

The second game featured #2 seed, Blizzard of ’77, versus the #3 seed Sweepy Hollow.  A Sweepy Hollow win would advance them to their third straight finals appearance.  A Blizzard win would punch the ticket to their first finals appearance.  It was a scoreless game until Jeff Sipos netted the first goal in the second for Sweepy Hollow.  Blizzard responded with two of their own, first from Pete Eiskant, then the go-ahead goal from a fired up Bill O’Hare.  The game was far from over.  After missing the previous week, Sweepy Hollow captain Ramon Suarez tied the game up mid way through the third.  The game remained close as time ticked away, until Bill O’Hare, otherwise known as “Billy Buckets,” scored the eventually game winner to lift Blizzard of ’77 into the championship game.

The stage for the championship was set.  With the season 3 championship on the line, the fans were given the match they wanted.  The rematch of an epic week 5 game between Blizzard of ’77 and Maple Fever.  , Maple Fever was looking for a repeat and Blizzard was looking for redemption.  The opening minutes were played cautiously, until O’Hare picked up a goal to give the first lead to the Blizzard.  It wasn’t until late in the period that Maple Fever responded with a goal from their Captain, David Cory.  In the second period it was Maple Fever who would strike first with a goal from Randy Krupski.  It wasn’t long before Simon Tuckey would answer with a goal of his own to tie the game for Blizzard.  Andrew Tamchyna scored a late goal in the second to give Maple Fever a lead and they wouldn’t look back from that point on.  Andrew scored another goal to open the third, followed up with another David Cory goal to give Maple Fever a 5-2 lead.  Pete Eiskant would score a late goal to put the Blizzard within reach, but unfortunately time was not on their side.   Maple Fever is crowned the champion of season 3!


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