30 & Over League: Opening Night Details & Schedule


Please arrive at the gym at 8:30 pm on Thursday (3/2), sign in, and give your $6 to the scorekeeper for the referee fee.  Below are the rosters for tomorrow night:

Team 1: Chas Kirsch, Dave Hall, Gary Willoughby, David Pellnat, Derek Beverly, Tom Cavanagh, Jake Walkow

Team 2:  Robert Schoos, Matthew Johnson, Ted Lee, David Davis, Rashaan McGrath, Ryan Hubbard, Baltazar Abraham, Vincent Washington

Team 3:  Eddie Toledo, Parish Hardy, Matt Sabia, Khari Myers, Gary Lee, Tony Pulvirenti, Everard Shaw

Team 4:  Cedric Phillips, Robert Hayes, Damone Mayfield, Francisco Seneca, Vikas Tahiliani, Brian Carey, Matthew Faso, Scott Mueller

We’ll run a simple, four-team round robin of 15 minute games (no timeouts, running clock until the final minute).  At the conclusion of play, the players who elected to be captains will pick their teams from the entire pool of players.  Those selected teams will be the final rosters for the rest of the season.  We need one more volunteer to be a captain!  Please one more person step up to the plate!  The complete schedule for Thursday night is below.  Rest up and we will see everyone Thursday night!


8:45 pm:  Team 1 vs. Team 4

9:05 pm:  Team 2 vs. Team 3

9:25 pm:  Team 3 vs. Team 1

9:45 pm:  Team 4 vs. Team 2

10:05 pm:  Team 1 vs. Team 2

10:25 pm:  Team 3 vs. Team 4

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