Season 3 Co-Ed Youth League (Ages 6-8): Opening Day Schedule & Details!

Thanks for signing up for Season 3 of our Co-Ed Youth League (Ages 6-8)!  Please stay posted to this thread for updated scheduling and roster info over the next couple weeks.

(10/28) 10:55 Update:  The complete season schedule is now live here!

Week 1 Practice Schedule: (The full schedule will be posted shortly!)

(10/11) Wednesday 5:15 pm:  Bulls & Cavaliers
(10/11) Wednesday 6:10 pm:  Knicks & Warriors
(10/12) Thursday 5:15 pm:  Spurs & Mavericks

Roster are set!  The practice schedule will be up shortly.  Thanks for hanging tight! 

Opening Day Schedule (10/7):

1:00 pm: All new players report at 1 pm for player evaluation and placement. The complete list of new players is as follows:

Jermaine Habeeb, O’Ryelee Gibbons, Joshua Nguyen***,Elliot Embow, Noah Sanders*****, Reece Graham,Hannah Sanders***, Kylah Sanders*****, Ahmier Rainey, DeMario Badger, Corvonti Black, Aiden Mingo, Julius Quinones, Fintan Doherty, Kaylen Suttles, Jack Africano, Benjamin Zadok, EVAN Ludwig, Khenton McMillan****, Leo Brown, Lucas Reiss, Archer Palgutt, Braedon McMillan****, Nicholas Scott, Jackson Mccarthy, Brayden Mccarthy, Desean Eaton, Frederick Harris Jr., Ben McCormack, Karter Johnson

2:00 pm:  All returning players report at 2 pm for practice and opening day sign in.  The complete list of returning players is as follows:

Benjamin Kuwik, Molly Kuwik, Nuri Muhammad, Michael Antonius, Elijah Roberson, Alexandra Smith, Natalia Cruz, Ryan Antonius, Isaiah Figueroa, Eli Faso, Neya Sat’chell, Grady Jones, Christopher Petruzzi, Terence ‘TJ’ Askew, Daron Williams, Christian Gill, Jerome Shanklin III, Isaac Lowinger, Elliott Kresse, Gregory Eberl, Matthew Mihalics, Cullen Battaglia

*Additional details will be added throughout the day!  We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. 

Opening Day Registration:  There are still a limited spots available in the league! If you have not registered yet you can come to the NBCC at 12:45 pm tomorrow to register your child.  Opening day registration is $30 for returning players (does not include jersey) and $50 for new players (includes new jersey) The league is now sold out!


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