Healthy Buffalo Co-Ed Softball Playoffs are Here!

With the first season coming to a close, the playoffs of the first ever Healthy Buffalo Co-Ed Softball League are here.

In the debut season, we have an undefeated Monki Business team who looks to make a run for the perfect season. They havve had a strong campaign with great pitching and overall good hitting from the men and the women. Monki Business led the league in scoring with more than 100 runs.

The second ranked team in this debut season is Red, White, and Booze. They finished the regular season at 8-2. With a big batting lineup, this team looks to give Monki Business some tough competition for the title.

Guard Hard and The Great Gambinos round out the final playoff spots both finishing at 4-6. While the records don’t show it, both of these teams could make some noise in the playoffs. In baseball, or in this case softball, anything can happen. These teams hope to bring their best to the plate.

Finally, team Healthy Buffalo and the Wingerz will play a consolation game, and not for nothing. As this matchup will be the official rubber match for these two opponents. The Wingerz defeated Healthy Buffalo on Opening Day. The last time they matched up, Healthy Buffalo won an exciting game that ended with a walk-off.

Postseason day begins at 7 pm this Friday at Memorial Field and Veterans Stadium.

-Dallas Taylor

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