Coronavirus Alert & Updates: All Healthy Buffalo Activities Are Being Temporarily Postponed

ALERT:  All Healthy Buffalo activities are being postponed until the Coronavirus health scare dissipates. We will reassess the situation on a week by week basis and make the decision on when to resume play as the situation develops.  We will post updates on this thread and on our social media channels as they develop and send out a group email when activities resume.   In the meantime please hang tight, stay healthy, and be safe!


  • (3/31/2020):  We hope everyone is hanging in there during the pandemic.  As federal guidelines have been extended through the end of April, the earliest date to resume play will likely be in the beginning of May.  We will contact everyone once play resumes.
  • (3/18/2020):  Looking for some relief from the doom and gloom?  Our main man Joshua Koester just posted some new pics of the Winter/Spring season on our Facebook page here.  Check them out and tag your friends!
  • (3/18/2020):  There is still no timetable for resuming play.  We will continue to play it by ear and once everyone is confident that it is safe to play, we will start up again.
  • (3/16/2020):  We just had another team register for our Women’s League!  There is now just one spot left.  We’ll fire up once the crisis passes.
  • (3/13/2020):  Unlike many other national events we are not up against any timelines for our programs.  Once conditions normalize we will resume all activities as scheduled.  All leagues will pick up as scheduled once we are back and any missed games will be made up at the end of the regular season as we would do normally for weather delays or other missed weeks.
  • (3/13/2020):  Women’s Basketball:  Yes!  We are still on.  We have spots open for just two more teams.  We will tip-off once conditions return to normal.


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