About Us

Healthy Buffalo was formed with the single grand objective of transforming Buffalo and Western New York from a region hampered with rampant obesity, atherosclerosis, poor eating habits, and skyrocketing health costs into an oasis of health and well-being.

Healthy Buffalo will work to achieve this goal by taking a number of initiatives in the community that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.  Healthy Buffalo is currently focusing on four key areas:

  1. A free informative website that offers holistic health guidance and support for all aspects of your well-being, including physical fitness training programs, nutritional guidance, mental health information, and guides to everything fitness and sports in WNY.
  2. Hosting fitness and wellness events in the community.
  3. Providing WNY with the best amateur sports leagues in the country complete with stats, jerseys, online support, trophies and more.
  4. Implementing detailed health and wellness programs for both employers and the community to help reduce health costs and promote a healthy community.

Going forward Healthy Buffalo hopes to expand our programs to a larger geographic region, open a number of sports and wellness centers to operate within, and increase the size and scope of the organization in order to have a broader impact on all health matters in the community.

-Chas Kirsch

Board of Directors

Daniel Ponivas     President
Anthony Giordano      Vice President
Jonathan Plail     Treasurer
Nicole Kirsch     Secretary
Mark Giordano     Director of Business Development