Dream Team


The Healthy Buffalo Dream Team is an independent professional basketball team carefully curated from over 500 basketball players throughout the Healthy Buffalo network of leagues in WNY.  The team has a community focus, with all proceeds from events being donated back into the community.  Think you have what it takes to rep Healthy Buffalo?  Think your team could stand a chance against the Dream Team?  Below is all the information you need to know:

Q.  How do I try out?
A.  To be eligible for the Dream Team you must prove yourself in any one the Healthy Buffalo affiliated leagues.  Top players will be invited to compete for a spot on the team.  Elite players who have dominated at either the college or professional level may have the opportunity to bypass the traditional tryout method.  For information on joining one of the leagues email Chas at or select the drop-down menu for any of the leagues on our webpage and select the registration option.

Q.  I play in a Healthy Buffalo league and I think I’m really awesome.  How come I’m not on the team?
A.  It could be one of a number of reasons.  Your best chance to be selected is to play in our most competitive league, the top division of the Champions League.  If you play in one of our other leagues, you will need to put up ridiculous numbers and be on winning team to have a shot.   In addition to your performance on the court you will also be judged on your character, sportsmanship, and the other ways you help promote the organization.

Q.  I think my squad could take the Dream Team.  Can we set up a match?
A.  Yes.  For information on challenging the Dream Team click here.


4/2: Buffalo Warriors v. Healthy Buffalo
5/18: Healthy Buffalo v. Buffalo Warriors
5/30: Healthy Buffalo v. Niagara County All-Stars
6/1 & 6/2:  Healthy Buffalo @ Ballin’ For A Cause

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