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Kris Hollie Healthy Buffalo 750 Border

Here are three whole body fitness plans broken down into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each routine takes between 30 and 45 minutes and was designed by professional trainer Kris Hollie. For more information or personal training send an email to



15 push-ups standard or modified (knees down, feet up)

5 pull-ups standard or modified (one leg on a chair for assistance)

20 squats

10 dumbbell seated overhead press

10 dumbbell bicep curls

10 dumbbell hammer curls

10 dumbbell overhead tricep extensions

10second Superman hold x 5

12 reverse lunges each leg



25 crunches

15 lying down leg raises

15 bicycles

30 second plank x 2

20 second side plank per side x 2




30 wide push-ups

10 wide pull-ups

25 jump squats

10 dumbbell standing Arnold press

Dumbbell bicep curl “21s” (7 halfway up from the bottom, 7 halfway down from the top, 7 full range of motion)

Dumbbell hammer curl “21s”

20 military push-ups

25 dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts

15 front-to-back lunges each leg




25 V-ups

25 bridges

25 criss cross

25 flutter kicks

60 second plank x 2

45 second side plank each side x 2




50 decline clap push-ups

25 wide pull-ups

12 one-legged squats per leg, superset with 25 tuck jumps

7 one-legged decline pike push-ups per leg

20 one arm static bicep curls, alternating static arm every 5 reps

20 close grip pull-ups

30 decline diamond push-ups

12 one-legged Romanian Deadlifts each leg

10 three-way lunges (front, side, reverse) each side superset with 30 alternating jump lunges




25 hanging leg raise

12 oblique knee raises each side

30 one-legged bridges each side

25 no-touch V-ups

45 second one leg, one arm plank x 2

30 second straight arm plank with leg raise and arm reach each side x 2


NOTE: Leg exercises can be intensified by utilizing dumbbells in each or either hand.