NBCC C League Schedule

NBCC Tuesday Mens League Schedule Graphic*** Please remember that players need to have played in four regular season games to qualify for play in the postseason. ***

*** If you forfeit a game you are responsible to pay your team and your opponents referee fees.  So please make sure you get at least 5 players every week! ***

Round 1 (8/14):

6:20 pm:  (4) Monstars vs. (5) Vets
7:15 pm:  (2) No Limit vs. (7) Buffalo Braves
8:10 pm:  (3) Space Jam vs. (6) The North Remembers
9:05 pm:  (1) A&A Beauty Supply vs. (8) Gimme’ The Damn Ball

Semis & Championship Game













Season 1 Champs: Beals on Wheels
Season 2 Champs: Bad News
Season 3 Champs: Blue Ballers
Season 4 Champs: NF Ballers
Season 5 Champs: The Wolfpack
Season 6 Champs: Otto’s All-Stars (Steve Musso)
Season 7 Champs:  (2) Wet Ballz vs. (4) One Team
Season 8 Champs:  (1) Buffalo  Braves vs. (2) One Team
Season 9 Champs:
(1) Muffin Stuffers vs. (2) Buffalo Braves
Season 10 Champs: (1) Otto’s All-Stars vs. A&A Beauty Supplies
Season 11 Champs:  (7) Lob City (Jonathan Hughes) vs. (8) The Process (Jeff Starr)