theWELL C League Schedule

* All players must play in THREE (3) regular season games to qualify for play in the postseason. *

* If you forfeit a game you are responsible to pay your team and your opponents referee fees. *


Week 1 (4/8):

6:20 pm:  Cactus Jacksins (Sean Sticek) vs.  Shining Force (Mike Sieracki)
7:15 pm:  Three Balls (Alan Lau) vs. All Hustle (Jeff Daminski)
8:10 pm:  Caleb & The Ballers (Justin Canazzi) vs. Swish Chalet (Carmen Cibella)
9:05 pm:  The Monstars (Anthony Hall) vs. Centennial Park (Sean Dobrick)
10:00 pm:  The Space Men (Matthew Kahrimanian) vs. The Mush Men (Antonio Morreale)