Tournament of Champions


The Season Ending Finale is Here! 

Saturday, December 17th the winners of Healthy Buffalo’s top leagues will face off in a final four format to lay claim to the Tournament of Champions title and $1,000!

2:30 pm:  Elevate vs. White Men Can’t Jump
3:30 pm:  UpLifted vs. Squaaaddd
4:30 pm:  3-Point Shootout ($5 to enter, winner splits the pot)
5:30 pm:  $1,000 Championship Game

Join us for an afternoon of intense hoops action!  If you want to participate in the 3-Point Shootout just shoot an email to or sign up on the event page to guarantee your spot.

*** Tournament Rules & General Info ***

  • The winner of each of the top four Healthy Buffalo leagues each season advance to the tournament.
  • Players can play in as many Healthy Buffalo leagues as they choose, but must choose to represent one team before the start of the tournament.
  • All players must meet the same eligibility for the tournament as they would for regular league play.
  • All other Healthy Buffalo league rules remain the same.

*** Tournament History ***

Slime Champs 750T of C 1 Winner:  Slime (Johnny Smith)

Asareese Champs 750T of C 2 Winner:  Asareese (Nelson Thornton)

DSC_5925T of C 3 Winner:  Squaaaddd (Levelle Williams)

Toon Squad ChampsT of C 4 Winner:  Toon Squad (Jason Mang)

toon-squad-tofc-champs-summer-16T of C 5 Winner:  Toon Squad (Jason Mang)