Women’s Basketball Schedule

*** Please remember that players need to have played in four regular season games to qualify for play in the post season. ***

*** If you forfeit a game you are responsible to pay your team and your opponents referee fees.  Please make sure you get at least 5 players every week! ***

Round 1 (5/9):

League B (North Buffalo Community Center)

7:00 pm:  (1) Shining Force (Emily DiCeilio) vs. (4) Retired Gators (Megan Robertson)
8:00 pm:  (2) Lancers (Katie Wasielewski) vs. Bad Company (Kaitlyn D’Amico)

League A (Knights of Columbus)

7:00 pm:  (1) Bengals (Olivia Luciani) vs. (4) 4Quan (Shanniece Harwell)
8:00 pm:  (2) No Scrubs (Jaila Payne) vs. (3) Team 716 (Julie Maxwell)

Championship Games (5/16):

Venue:  North Buffalo Community Center
7:00 pm:  (1) Bengals (Olivia Luciani) vs. (2) No Scrubs (Jaila Payne)
8:00 pm: 
(1) Shining Force (Emily DiCeilio) vs. (2) Lancers (Katie Wasielewski)







Season 1 Champions:
Season 2 Champions:
Buffalo Stars (Cara Gustafason)
Season 3 Champions:
Season 4 Champions:
Healthy Buffalo
Season 5 Champions:  (1) Team 716 (Julie Maxwell) vs. (3) NDN Gunnerz
Season 6 Champions: (1) Shining Force (Emily DiCeilio) vs. (2) Team 716 (Julie Maxwell)
Season 7 Champions: (1) Shooters (Christina Morris) vs. (3) Shining Force (Emily DeCeilio)