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WHAT: Boys Basketball League (Ages 11-14)
WHERE:  Pro Training Facility (875 Eggert Drive, North Tonawanda, NY 14120)
WHEN:  Saturday afternoons from 12:30-7:00 pm from March 9th to May 24th, 2024!
*End date and game times are an estimate and could change slightly depending on registration and scheduling format.
AGES 11-12:  Will play game beginning at 12:30 pm
AGES 13-14:  Will play games beginning at either 2:30 pm or 3:30 pm
REGISTRATION FEE:  $139 for the first 32 players signed up in each group, $149 thereafter.
AGES: 11-14

The Healthy Buffalo Boys Basketball League (Ages 11-14) details and FAQs:

  • The younger bracket (Ages 11-12) will play first.  Those games will be followed by the older kids (Ages 13-14).
  • You can request to play with friends when registering.  We should be able to honor all requests unless they significantly throw off our ability to balance the league’s teams by skill level.
  • Players can play up, but not down.  We will allow players as young as 10 to play in the lower bracket and players as young as 12 to play in the 13-14 year old bracket.
  • This league has games only.  There are not league scheduled practices.
  • Registration includes at least seven weeks of regular season action and playoffs.
  • All players receive custom Healthy Buffalo jerseys.
  • Two IAABO Certified officials for all games.
  • Online stats, standings, and registration.
  • Highlight videos.
  • Photography and video of all participants.
  • Season ending awards.

FAQS #1: Can me and my friends be on the same team? Yes! Just enter the names of the players you would like to play with when registering.
FAQS #2: Do I need to recruit a full team to play? Absolutely not. Sign up solo or recruit a friend or two.
FAQS #3: I believe my son is the second coming of Michael Jordan.  Would this league be for him?  Yes.  Why not?  All kids want to play.
FAQS #4: My son can barely dribble the ball.  Would this league be for him?  Welp, all kids should have some basketball experience to participate in this league.  If they have none, sign up for one of our camps first to give it a try.  With that said, this league should be for great for the vast majority of kids in the age group as we will balance teams as best we can based on registration information and just knowing most of the kids in the area.
FAQS #5: Can I register with 5 or 6 players and just play with our five or six? No. You will need a minimum of eight players on your team and we’ll likely roster 10 per team depending on registration numbers.
FAQS #6:  What if my friend says he’s going to register, but then tries to register after the league reaches capacity?  Sadly, there is no way to add him and we will fill in the spot with a player that is already registered.  Maybe he can hop on next session!

Check out some pics from our Boys Basketball Camps: