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WHAT: Youth Basketball League (Ages 7 & 8)
WHERE: Pro Training Facility, 875 Eggert Drive, North Tonawanda, NY 14120
WHEN (PRACTICES): Practices are once a week starting 3/21 at 7 pm on M-TH depending on your team.
WHEN (GAMES): Games on Sunday’s from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.
REGISTRATION FEE: $125 for early registration / $150 for regular registration
AGES: 7 & 8 (Players must be under nine years old on opening day.  Age verification may be required.)
CO-ED: Boys & Girls are welcome! (The league is usually 70 boys and 10 girls.)

Team Practice Schedule:

Monday 7-8 pm:  Warriors (Coach Mike DiTullio) & Mavericks
Tuesday 7-8 pm:  Bulls (Coach Dan Hannon) & Lakers (Coach Adam Brasky)
Wednesday 7-8 pm:  Celtics (Coach Fran Snyder) & Nuggets (Coach Jess Torres)
Thursday 7-8 pm:  Knicks (Coach Mike Esposito) & Spurs (Coach Marquel Ellison)

Updates & Changes From Last Season & Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Tryouts for new players are on Tuesday, March 15th at 7 pm and Sunday, March 20th at 2 or 3 pm.  All new players must be able to participate in both sessions.
  • New players will be placed according to their skill level to balance out the teams from last session.  The bottom teams from last season will get the top new players and the top teams from last season will get the beginner level players.
  • All new players must be available to practice on whatever night they get assigned to based on their team.  We will do our best to accommodate requests but cannot make any guarantees and appreciate everyone offering the most flexibility possible to make sure the teams are evenly balanced.
  • We will keep track of fouls this season.  Six personal fouls to foul out.  Seven team fouls for 1-and-1 and ten team fouls for two free throws each half.
  • Intentional and technical fouls will be issued as needed.
  • Each team can only have the head coach and assistant coach on the sidelines with the team.
  • All other spectators must remain in the designated area by the bleachers.
  • If a team goes up ten points or more they must remain inside the three point line on defense and make three passes before shooting on offense.
  • This season all players will receive a game jersey and a reversible mesh jersey for team practices.
  • Stay posted to this thread for other updates as they happen!

The Healthy Buffalo Youth Basketball League includes:

  • Games and practices use a modified 8′ basketball hoop.
  • All players receive a custom-made authentic Healthy Buffalo game and practice jersey.
  • Nine week program with weekly practices and games.
  • Online stats, standings, and registration.
  • Highlight videos.
  • Photography and video of all participants.