Veteran’s Stadium (2960 South Park Avenue, Lackawanna, NY 14218)
Memorial Field (505 Ridge Road, Lackawanna, NY 14218)
Blackthorn (2134 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY 14210)

*If a game is missed due to adverse weather conditions, please stay on date as listed and we will do our best to reschedule the missed week! 

Game TimeHomeAway
Week 15/28
6:30 PMVeteransSports! (Emily Dowdall)174Shining Force (Angel Pimentel)
7:45 PMVeteransSlice's Sloop Sluggers (Clark Brueckl)PPPPBars N' Balls (Eric Mikols)
9:00 PMVeteransBeerly Legal (Luke Zambron)PPPPThe Strugglers (Ryan Mancini)
6:00 PMMemorialWhere My Pitches At (Allison Maritnez)39Xcell Express (Steve Janes)
7:15 PMMemorialMasterBatters (Mercedes Weaver)PPPPDangly's Dingleberries (Daniel Gacek)
Week 26/4
6:30 PMVeteransBars N' Balls (Eric Mikols)1425Sports! (Emily Dowdall)
7:45 PMVeteransShining Force (Angel Pimentel)1514The Strugglers (Ryan Mancini)
9:00 PMVeteransSlice's Sloop Sluggers (Clark Brueckl)183Xcell Express (Steve Janes)
6:00 PMMemorialBeerly Legal (Luke Zambron)714Dangly's Dingleberries (Daniel Gacek)
7:15 PMMemorialWhere My Pitches At (Allison Maritnez)915MasterBatters (Mercedes Weaver)
Week 36/11
6:30 PMVeteransBars N' Balls (Eric Mikols)167Xcell Express (Steve Janes)
7:45 PMVeteransSports! (Emily Dowdall)204The Strugglers (Ryan Mancini)
9:00 PMVeteransShining Force (Angel Pimentel)156Dangly's Dingleberries (Daniel Gacek)
6:00 PMMemorialSlice's Sloop Sluggers (Clark Brueckl)121MasterBatters (Mercedes Weaver)
7:15 PMMemorialBeerly Legal (Luke Zambron)117Where My Pitches At (Allison Maritnez)
Week 46/18
6:30 PMVeteransXcell Express (Steve Janes)015Sports! (Emily Dowdall)
7:45 PMVeteransThe Strugglers (Ryan Mancini)Dangly's Dingleberries (Daniel Gacek)
9:00 PMVeteransBars N' Balls (Eric Mikols)1020MasterBatters (Mercedes Weaver)
6:00 PMMemorialShining Force (Angel Pimentel)222Where My Pitches At (Allison Maritnez)
7:15 PMMemorialSlice's Sloop Sluggers (Clark Brueckl)164Beerly Legal (Luke Zambron)
Week 56/25
6:30 PMVeteransXcell Express (Steve Janes)MasterBatters (Mercedes Weaver)
7:45 PMVeteransSports! (Emily Dowdall)Dangly's Dingleberries (Daniel Gacek)
9:00 PMVeteransThe Strugglers (Ryan Mancini)Where My Pitches At (Allison Maritnez)
6:00 PMMemorialBars N' Balls (Eric Mikols)Beerly Legal (Luke Zambron)
7:15 PMMemorialShining Force (Angel Pimentel)Slice's Sloop Sluggers (Clark Brueckl)
Week 67/9
6:30 PMVeteransDangly's Dingleberries (Daniel Gacek)Where My Pitches At (Allison Maritnez)
7:45 PMVeteransXcell Express (Steve Janes)Beerly Legal (Luke Zambron)
9:00 PMVeteransMasterBatters (Mercedes Weaver)Sports! (Emily Dowdall)
6:00 PMMemorialThe Strugglers (Ryan Mancini)Slice's Sloop Sluggers (Clark Brueckl)
7:15 PMMemorialBars N' Balls (Eric Mikols)Shining Force (Angel Pimentel)
Week 77/16
6:30 PMVeteransXcell Express (Steve Janes)Shining Force (Angel Pimentel)
7:45 PMVeteransMasterBatters (Mercedes Weaver)Beerly Legal (Luke Zambron)
9:00 PMVeteransDangly's Dingleberries (Daniel Gacek)Slice's Sloop Sluggers (Clark Brueckl)
6:00 PMMemorialSports! (Emily Dowdall)Where My Pitches At (Allison Maritnez)
7:15 PMMemorialThe Strugglers (Ryan Mancini)Bars N' Balls (Eric Mikols)
Week 87/23
6:30 PMVeteransMasterBatters (Mercedes Weaver)Shining Force (Angel Pimentel)
7:45 PMVeteransWhere My Pitches At (Allison Maritnez)Slice's Sloop Sluggers (Clark Brueckl)
9:00 PMVeteransBeerly Legal (Luke Zambron)Sports! (Emily Dowdall)
6:00 PMMemorialDangly's Dingleberries (Daniel Gacek)Bars N' Balls (Eric Mikols)
7:15 PMMemorialXcell Express (Steve Janes)The Strugglers (Ryan Mancini)
Week 97/30
6:30 PMVeteransMasterBatters (Mercedes Weaver)The Strugglers (Ryan Mancini)
7:45 PMVeteransBeerly Legal (Luke Zambron)Shining Force (Angel Pimentel)
9:00 PMVeteransWhere My Pitches At (Allison Maritnez)Bars N' Balls (Eric Mikols)
6:00 PMMemorialSports! (Emily Dowdall)Slice's Sloop Sluggers (Clark Brueckl)
7:15 PMMemorialDangly's Dingleberries (Daniel Gacek)Xcell Express (Steve Janes)
6:30 PMVeteransSlice's Sloop Sluggers (Clark Brueckl)Bars N' Balls (Eric Mikols)
7:45 PMVeteransBeerly Legal (Luke Zambron)The Strugglers (Ryan Mancini)
9:00 PMVeteransMasterBatters (Mercedes Weaver)Dangly's Dingleberries (Daniel Gacek)
Round 18/13
6:05 PMDiamond 118
7:10 PMDiamond 127
6:05 PMDiamond 236
7:10 PMDiamond 245
9th seed rest up for next summer!
Semifinals & Championship Game8/20
2018 League Champions: (1) Monki Business vs. (2) Red, White & Booze
2019 League Champions:  (1) Monki Business vs. (2) I’d Hit That
2020 League Champions:  (1) Monki Business vs. (4) Designated Drinkers
2021 League Champions:  Sports! (Emily Dowdall) 
2022 League Champions: 
(2) Bars N’ Balls vs. (5) Sloop Sluggers
2023 League Champions: