Veteran’s Stadium (2960 South Park Avenue, Lackawanna, NY 14218)
Memorial Field (505 Ridge Road, Lackawanna, NY 14218)
Blackthorn (2134 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY 14210)

*If a game is missed due to adverse weather conditions, please follow the dates on the schedule and we will do our best to reschedule the missed week! 

2018 League Champions: (1) Monki Business vs. (2) Red, White & Booze
2019 League Champions:  (1) Monki Business vs. (2) I’d Hit That
2020 League Champions:  (1) Monki Business vs. (4) Designated Drinkers
2021 League Champions:  Sports! (Emily Dowdall) 
2022 League Champions: 
(2) Bars N’ Balls vs. (5) Sloop Sluggers