Kids Triathlon Club
WHERE:  Kenmore Pool & Mang Park (255 Mang Ave, Kenmore, NY 14217)
WHO: Boys & Girls (Ages 4-15)
SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels are welcome!
WHEN: Starting 7/20 (check complete dates below!)

SESSION 1: 6:00-8:15 pm @ the Kenmore Pool (7/20)
SESSION 2: 6:00-8:15 pm @ the Kenmore Pool (7/27)
SESSION 3: 6:00-8:15 pm @ the Kenmore Pool (8/3)
SESSION 4:  6:00-8:15 pm @ the Kenmore Pool (8/10)

COST: Sign up fast to secure the best pricing!

Just $5 for the first ten (10) kids signed up!
Just $15 for the next ten (11-20) kids signed up!
Just $25 for the next ten (21-30) kids signed up!
Just $50 for the next ten (31-40) kids signed up!


With great thanks to the USA Triathlon Foundation our Kids Tri Club is officially launched.  Our first three training dates are officially locked in at the Kenmore Pool.  All three sessions at the Kenmore Pool will include expert swim instruction from the AMAZING Ken-Ton swim coaches and we will do a full swim, bike and run, complete with transition area in and out of the pool.  We rented the entire pool and will end each session with open swim, so the kids can play water basketball and bomb down there awesome water slide.  We will do our best to get one more bike ride and one training session at the track before the Healthy Buffalo Kids Triathlon on August 12th!  This club is for ALL skill levels.

The Healthy Buffalo Kids Tri Club Includes:

  • A beautiful custom race tank for all participants.
  • Three training sessions at Kenmore Pool with expert instruction.
  • We rented the WHOLE pool out, so the kids can swim, play water basketball, and go down the slide after our training sessions.
  • On the third session (8/10) we’ll either get ice cream or pizza for the kids.
  • We will have our photographer and videographer out to take both pictures and produce a highlight video of the action.
  • If everyone sticks with it and is having fun we will continue to plan workouts throughout the summer.
  • Editors Note:  This is a special project for us, so we will make sure the kids have an amazing time and put tons of resources into this club!  We hope you can make it!

Check out the action from the first session: