FAQS #1: Can me and my friends be on the same team? Yes! Just enter the names of the players you would like to play with when registering.
FAQS #2: Do I need to recruit a full team to play? Absolutely not. Sign up solo or recruit a friend or two.
FAQS #3: Are there age restrictions? Or other restrictions like the C Leagues? No. This league is open to all men 18+. We will balance the teams based off the registration info.
FAQS #4: Can I register with 5 or 6 players and just play with our five or six? No. If you register with less than 8 players, we will add players to your team to get up to eight on the roster.
FAQS #5:  What if my friend says he’s going to register, but then tries to register after the league reaches capacity?  Sadly, there is no way to add him and we will fill in the spot with a player that is already registered.  Maybe he can hop on next session!

WHAT: 5-on-5 Full Court Basketball League
Pro Training Facility (875 Eggert Drive, North Tonawanda, NY 14120)
Monday’s from 6:05-9:45 pm starting January 29, 2023!
Men 18 and Over
No restrictions

NEW PLAYERS (Includes a new jersey): $60 early registration / $65 regular registration
RETURNING PLAYERS (Does not include a jersey): $50 early registration / $55 regular registration

$50 per team, per game, to be split equally among teammates each week.

* Registration includes one year’s membership dues in Healthy Buffalo for all registered players.

*The schedule will be posted online two days before tipoff.

The Men’s Individual Entry Basketball League includes:
Eight Weeks of Regular Season Action and Playoffs
Exclusive Reversible Healthy Buffalo Game Day Jerseys
Two IAABO Certified Referees for Every Game
Season Ending Trophies & Awards
Online Schedule, Stats, Standings, Photography & Registration

Check out the FINALE from Season 1 at Gloria J Parks: