Men’s Basketball Winter/Spring 2016

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WHAT: Six different men’s basketball leagues
WHERE:  Knights of Columbus, North Buffalo CC, Gloria J Parks
WHEN:  It all starts the first week of February!
SKILL LEVELS:  Beginner, Recreational, Advanced

The slate is now set.  The biggest season of hoops in the history of the city is nearly upon us.  No one can match what we are doing here.  This is reaching historic proportions.  The NBCC C League is now sold out with a 10+ team waiting list.  So now we are starting a Thursday C League at Gloria J Parks to accommodate all the extra recreational/casual ballers.  The NBCC Monday A League will enter it’s second season this February, while the NBCC Thursday A League has fully matured, with an absolute stellar cast of teams.  Of course, then you have the Champions League on Sunday’s.  The single biggest league in WNY with as much history as you could possibly imagine.

Everything will coalesce around the massive season-ending Tournament of Champions where the winner of each open league will advance for the chance to win a $1,000 award and prizes.  The NBA style 3-Point Shootout will be back for the fourth time with a 50/50 split cash prize for the winner (can anyone knock off Rod Middleton?!?!).  All leagues include jerseys, photography, videos, jerseys, online stats and standings, and the chance for top players to rep Healthy Buffalo in tournament play and semipro matchups.

Click any of the links in this email to visit the registration page with a listing for all of our leagues.  The only one not yet listed is the Gloria J Parks Thursday Night C League.  That registration page is under construction and will be up soon.

Can you feel the excitement?  If you are a hoops fan and player at any level, you better get your team registered and get ready to compete.  This season is guaranteed to blow you away.

Warm Regards,

Chas Kirsch

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