The fall season of our Youth Basketball League (Ages 7 & 8) is almost here!  Stay posted to this thread as we begin the season.  We will post important league info and updates as we get started. The list of Frequently Asked Questions is on the registration page here.  Please review everything there before contacting us.  

Update (10/16/2022):  See how you favorite teams are doing in the standings here!

Update (10/5/22):  The full season schedule is now live here.  Let’s go!  🙂

Update (10/2/22): 

Thank you so much for your patience while we worked through the reams of data and spreadsheets on all the players. Before finalizing the rosters we had to consider each player’s skill level, roster requests, practice requests, availability, and ensure they aligned with the parent coaches and their children’s availability all while keeping the returning kids on the same team with their teammates from last season. It is not an easy task. We rate every player 1-10 and then do our best to make the sum total of each team equal about the same.

The roster listed below has your team, your coaches, the venue you practice at and the day and time you practice each week. You will practice once a week from here on out until your team gets eliminated from the playoffs or until championship week.

The game schedule will be live online here within the next few days. The jerseys have been ordered, but won’t be ready for Week 1, so we’ll likely have to wear reversibles on opening week.  Thanks again for signing up and good luck in the season ahead!

Update (9/30/22): Here are the rosters for Day 2 of the Exhibition Games tomorrow (10/1 at the Pro Training Gym):

1 pm:  Group 1:  Joseph Bennett, Augie Martinez, Austin John, Camdyn Lane, Mansa Amen Funderburg, Maxwell Vazquez, Richard Pastor, Alexander Eoannou, Andrew Nutty, Blake Bulluck, Cameron Smith, Cameron Younger, Derek Hill, Elliott Carbone, Ian Rivera, Jaxon Vazquez, Joel Budimirovich, Luca Dentico, Logan Wahila
2 pm:  Group 2:  Asher Todaro, Santino Petruzzi, Ana Rodriguez, Arsen Perun, Derrick Mcgee, Dion Green, Jase Dullen, Legend Giles, Mason Dean, Matthew Angevin, Messiah Robbins, Ryder Lane, Thomas Murphy, Tre’shaun Taylor, Zi’eare Royal, Parker Burke, Lincoln Burke, Alex Karczewski
If you are a new player and are not on this list, it is most likely because we are familiar with your kids from prior HB programs and/or you have already been assigned to a team.  If you would still like to play tomorrow let us know as we can still squeeze a couple players in!

Update (9/29/22): Opening day of evaluations was a blast!  We had so many new kids to the league this season and are excited for the season ahead.  The first week of evaluations were composed of skills and drills.  This Saturday we will split the kids into two groups and run exhibition games at 1 and 2 pm.  We will post the roster for each session very soon.  Please hang tight!

Update (9/22/22):  All new players are to report to the Pro Training gym (875 Eggert Drive, North Tonawanda, NY 14120) this Saturday for Day 1 of evaluations and orientation.  Please have your kids come ready to play in gym clothes and a bottle of water.  Here is the breakdown by time slot:

1 pm:  Mason Dean, Derek Hill, Arsen Perun, Alexander Eoannou, Andrew Nutty, Elliott Carbone, Lucas Smith, Blake Bulluck, Gehrig Bernecki, James DeWitt, Dominic DiPasquale, Jaxon Vazquez, Maxwell Vazquez, Cole Rubino, Benjamin Davis, Derrick Mcgee, Cameron Smith, Jase Dullen, Luca Dentico

2 pm:  Austin John, Messiah Robbins, Matthew Angevin, Santino McClain, Emilio McClain, Koy Gao, Kai Gao, Dion Green, Logan Wahila, Cameron Younger, Ian Rivera, Zi’eare Royal, Reid Baldwin, Mansa Amen Funderburg, Ana Rodriguez, Legend Giles, Lorenzo DeVoe, Parker Burke, Santino Petruzzi, Kol Lewis, Lincoln Burke, Joseph Bennett

Update (9/22/22):  We still have some room for new players!  If you are looking to sign up click here to register!