Thank you for signing up for another amazing season of Healthy Buffalo Youth Basketball!  Please stay posted to this thread for important league updates and make sure to check here before emailing us your questions! 

(Update 10/4, 10:05 pm):  It is posted on the schedule for both leagues, but just to remind everyone:  All games are played at the Pro Training facility.

(Update 10/3, 4:35 pm):  The full season schedule for the 10U League is now live here!  We are rolling!  We will continue to update this thread with any Frequently Asked Questions or other league info as needed.  Good luck to everyone in the season ahead!

(Update 10/2, 8:25 pm):  The full season schedule for the 8U League is now live here! We’ll have the entire 10U schedule posted shortly.  Hang tight!  Weekday practices for every team are underway this week and Week 1 games will start this Saturday.

(Update 9/27, 8:30 am):  Here is the schedule for this Saturday for the 8U League.  We will have all the practices at the Pro Training gym as follows:

*This is only for the 8U division.  After Saturday you will start your regular weekday practices as scheduled.  Due to time and gym constraints, we will not have 10U practices this Saturday.  We will start our 10U practices at your regular scheduled time next week.  

(Update 9/26, 4:42 pm):  And introducing the Boys Basketball League (Ages 9 & 10) rosters for the Fall 2023 season!  The rosters were updated and finalized on 9/30!

(Update 9/25, 8:42 am):  Every team for both leagues will have their first practice this Saturday.  There are no practices Monday-Friday this week.  Your first weekday practices will start the following week.

(Update 9/24, 7:48 pm):  The Youth Basketball League (Ages 7 & 8) rosters are set!

(Update 9/22, 6:26 pm):  To clarify, if your child is not on the list below, it is likely because he/she has already played in our programs before, you requested a specific practice time, or you or another parent/guardian are coaching.  If that is the case, your child is not required to come tomorrow, as you are already assigned a team.  However, everyone is welcome to join if they would like and ALL coaches are encouraged to come to help out and meet everyone.

(Update 9/21, 10:01 pm):  The times for orientation this Saturday at Pro Training will be as follows:

1:00 pm Youth League (Ages 7 & 8): Adam Gray, Alijah Carey, Aodhan Olszowy, Benji Cefaratti, Connor Brattlie, Connor Murray, Curtis Williams Jr, Edy Barnhardt, Elijah Fees, Emberly Abrams,
Giovanni Keller, Henrik Peterson, Hudson Piskorz, Jack Butch, Jeremiah Dziadaszek, Leland Stokes, Logan Wahila, Luca Bianco, Madelyn Spoth, Marshall Przybysz, Maxwell Patterson, Mitch Bykowicz Jr., Oliver Quinn, Patrick Senulis, Peter Hager, Roman Derr, Shay Grasela, Te’King Stepney, Tripp Conway, Weston Whitefield

2:30 pm:  Boys League (Ages 9 & 10):  Angel LiciagaGonzalez, Bobby Welch, Braylon McDonnell, Camren Richardson, Dominic Opacic, Ja’Meer Perry, Jace Spencer, Jake Stillman, Jayden Szczepanski, Johnny Stillman, Julian Yantin, Kyle McGrigg, Mason Wilson, Michael McCrayer, Royce Davis, William Peterson, Anthony Mungo, Gabriel Golombek

(Update 9/21, 6:30 pm):  Thank you for your patience as we finalize all the details.  We’ll run everything close to the wire as the league starts, but once the league starts everything should be set and on autopilot for the remainder of the season.  We finally have all the coaches in place and practice times and venues set.  We have a head coach and assistant coach for every team.  Here is the breakdown:

(Update 9/19, 10:36 pm): Opening day orientation and player evaluation is at Pro Training (875 Eggert Drive, North Tonawanda, NY 14120).  Not all players will be required to attend.  Returning players that have already played in our leagues are generally not required to be there.  We will post a complete list later this week. 

(Update 9/19, 10:35 pm): The league thread is active! 🙂