Congratulations to Shawn Satarian & Jon Plail

Congratulations to Shawn Satarian (171) who has captured the scoring title in the West and Jon Plail (187) who squeaked out the narrow win over Jon Burgio (181) for the scoring title in the East.  The BSWA scoring champs will be awarded their choice of a custom-made BSWA hoodie or long sleeve shooter shirt for their accomplishments.  All-Star voting will be closed this Friday.  Place your votes now to elect your favorite BSWA players!

The Round 1 playoff schedule for this Sunday is as follows:

2pm:  Eastern Conference Play-In Game- Norfolk N’ Chance v. I R Colludge Edjukated

3pm:  Western Conference Play-In Game- Flint Tropics v. The U.H.

All other teams will play the following week to participate in either the Championship or Consolation bracket.  Good luck to all.

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