BSWA 101: Intro to Kronies Jamfest

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Welcome to Kronies Jamfest, after just one week it is apparent that KJ5 will likely be the most intense season ever.  To make the most of your Kronies Jamfest experience follow these pointers:

1.  Schedule:  To see the weekly schedule hover over the Kronies Jamfest link at the top of the page, then select either the Western or Eastern division to see your game time.

2.  ‘Like’ The BSWA on Facebook to see weekly pictures, the Player of the Week, info on other BSWA events and much more.

3.  Keep in mind that the leading scorer in each division brings home the choice of a BSWA hoodie or long-sleeve shooter, so keep the peddle to the medal and be sure not to miss any games.

4.  All-Star voting opens at the midpoint of the season.  Qualifying for the Kronies Jamfest All-Star game is quite an honor, therefore don’t take voting lightly and be sure to select only the players that you find worthy and tell you friends and family to do the same.

5.  Lastly, the BSWA runs a tight ship and has zero tolerance for ejections and forfeits.  If you are ejected from any game leave the facility immediately.  Players that have multiple ejections or who fail to leave the facility afterwards will not be invited back for future seasons.  If your team forfeits you are responsible for both your referee fees and your opponents so never forfeit a game.  If your team is short players there are always players looking to hop on or sub.

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