Joe Catalano Shatters Three Point Shooting Record

Frank Pieri Healthy BuffaloSponge Bob Square Pants and the Billies lock up big wins to make a strong push for the final two playoff spots in their respective divisions. 

Buffalo, NY-  With only two weeks to play in Buffalo’s most explosive basketball league, the stakes are through the roof as there is still plenty of jockeying to be done for playoff positioning.  The Billies and Sponge Bob took care of business, as did YAO KNOW WHAT I MING and Norfolk N’ Chance who, along with Full Clip are all battling for the top position in League A.  In League B the Schiller Park Boys cruised past The U.H. to stay a half game ahead of Healthy Buffalo and White Men Can’t Jump for the number one spot.

On the bottom half of League A, the Spartans, R.I.P. Ent and Concrete are all currently on the outside looking in.  Whoever none of the three are yet to be eliminated for post season play as the Spartans play Sponge Bob this Sunday and the fourth through eighth seeds in the division are all vulnerable with 3-3 records.

Chris Thompson Healthy Buffalo 570The playoff picture looks a bit clearer in League B as the Looney Toons, Flint Tropics and The U.H. are all at least two games back with two weeks to play, but until the Healthy Buffalo statisticians analyze all the potential outcomes, it’s too early to count any team out.

In the 3pm game this past Sunday, Healthy Buffalo veteran Joe Catalano was called out of retirement to step in for White Men Can’t Jump and broke what was thought to be an unbreakable record of 11 three pointers in a single game.   He did with ease, while making 13 three pointers on his way to 45 overall points and leading White Men Can’t Jump to a 101-83 victory.  Concrete got a big win in the 7pm game, knocking off R.I.P. Ent to move into striking distance of the eighth and final playoff spot.  Kevin Ford led all scorers with 24 points.  In the final game of the night Sponge Bob squeaked out a four point win over Full Clip after giving up a 16 point first half lead.  Sponge Bob welcomed the return of All-Star center Jon Burgio who returned to action after a two week hiatus.

HBCL8.7 0 25 43-10Week 8 Preview

R.I.P. Ent play the Buffalo Braves in a game with enormous stakes.  If R.I.P. Ent loses this Sunday their path to the playoffs gets very complicated, while a win would give them the tie-breaker over the Braves who currently sit in the seventh spot in League A.

Tiebreakers and Scoring Title

Remember that playoff position will be determined first by head-to-head matchups and then by point total.  For the scoring title, because some teams will have one extra game under their belt than others, the title will be awarded to the player that has the highest average with a minimum of seven games played.

The action kicks off at 1pm!


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