Champions League 9: Round 1 Schedule & All-Star Roster

HBCL Logo 570After eight weeks of regular season play it all comes down to one game.  Win Saturday and advance to the semis.  Here is the schedule:

1pm: (3) White Men Can’t Jump v. (6) Concrete
2pm: (1) Very Aggressive Guys v. (8) Healthy Buffalo
3pm: (2) Billies v. (7) U.H.
4pm: (4) Fastbreakers v. (5) Yao Know What I Ming
5pm: (4) Norfolk N’ Chance v. (5) Superstars
6pm: (3) Cleveland Beamers v. (6) Franchise Players
7pm: (1) Tune Squad v. (8) United Hoops
BYE: (2) Court Justice (Niagara University will be unable to make the game and will have to take the loss.)

Champions League All-Star Roster:

Guards:  Adam Brasky, Dean Antalik, Kevin Ford, & Tito Harris.
Forwards:  Justin Andreozzi, Edvin Ramulic, Joshua Becker & Nick Jarmusz.
Center:  Terry Reese & Ramone Alls.


(1) John Boyer, (2) Jake Russell, (3) Mike Bennett, (4) Jon Plail, (5) Jeff Curry, (6) John Papincak, (7) Brian Walter, (8) Justin Stokes, (9) Mark Ward, (10) Kyle Cunningham.

V.I.P. Game:

Players will be selected based upon their contributions to Healthy Buffalo and the most tenured players.  If you are interested in playing email Chas Kirsch at

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