Boys & Girls Summer League Update Thread (Opening Day Info, Rosters & More)!

The Girls 10 & Under League schedule and rosters are here!

To navigate to the web page just do the following: > Youth Basketball > Girls Basketball 10 & Under > Girls 10 & Under Schedule

We still need a Head Coach for the Knicks!  If you are willing to volunteer please let us know.  Nelson and Fran will be around to help run practice and drills, so the minimum requirement is just being able to help manage the team.  If you are willing to volunteer please send an email to

We are also up to 26 players in the girls league.  If we can get two more players by week end we will redo the teams and move to a four team format.  Please spread the word and help us recruit a couple more players!

Thanks for your patience as we finished up the schedule for the Boys 10 & Under League.  The whole schedule is now live.  We can’t make edits once it’s posted so please just do your best to make it work.  We always do our best to balance game times and practices.  Here is the direct link to the schedule:

The practice schedule is on top and the game schedule below.  To navigate to the web page just do the following: > Youth Basketball > Boys Basketball 10 & Under > Boys 10 & Under Schedule

Good luck in the season ahead!

If you volunteered to coach please make sure you are there on opening day and speak to me, Fran, Nelson, Tawan, or Rachelle.  If you volunteered to help out in another capacity let me know or we can touch base via email.

 We still need about four girls for our Girls League!  Please spread the word and help recruit!  Here is the link to registerOur Boys 10 & Under League is almost full, but we could still squeeze in four more players.  So if you haven’t registered yet please do so.  SOLD OUT!
We also still have lots of room in our Co-Ed (Ages 5-8) Boys & Girls Basketball Camp that starts on June 30th.  If you know any kids in that age group that are looking to get into hoops please spread the word.  It’s just $25.  We ordered some cool HB performance tees for all the kids in that too.


The opening night of our 10 & Under Boys League and 10 & Under Girls League is almost here!  Thanks so much for signing up and being part of our growing kids programs.  We greatly appreciate you being a part of it all and look forward to an awesome summer.

Here is the schedule for the first two weeks of the Boys 10 & Under League:

Monday (June 19th):  Opening Night- Player evaluation and team placement

5 pm Roster:  Zavion Hawkins, Michael Antonius, Elijah Roberson, Nuri Muhammad, James Benton, Trevor McDuffie, Jamel Clark Jr, Terence Askew, Jayvion Hicklen-Brown, Kamrin White, Gino McCoy, Anthony Greco, Micheal Lanier, Kymier Fisher, Damone Mayfield Jr., Jeremiah Jackson, Pierson Schwartz, Akir Brooks, Duriel Price, Amy Kirchner, Jessica Taber, Christopher Becton, Christopher Harris, LeBron Wilson

6 pm Roster:  Tre Paulfrey, Daron Williams, Jerome Shanklin III, Spencer Harrison Jr, Davier Leon, Gary Alexander, Adrian Bailey, Eric Humphrey***, Margue’ Sudduth***, Mekaih Patterson, Vincent Vasile***, Donovan Vasile***, Nasean Grant, Jeremiah Whitaker, Ethan DeVantier**, ANTHONY CHRISTIAN, Elijah Acevedo, Clifford Pecoraro***, Anthony Battaglia**, Terrance Harris Jr, Elijah Roberson, Dijor Bozeman, Kelvin Thomas Jr, Viyakone Isaiah Phakkhonkham, Kaiden Ballantyne**

Here is the schedule for the first two weeks of the Girls 10 & Under League:

Tuesday (June 20th):  Opening Night- Player evaluation and practice.  ALL PLAYERS REPORT AT 5 PM!

 Wednesday (June 21st):
5:00 pm:  Girls Practice (All girls report at 5 pm)
5:45 pm:  Bulls & Celtics
6:30 pm:  Knicks & Lakers
7:15 pm:  Spurs & Warriors

Monday (June 26th):  Boys Team Practice

Tuesday (June 27th):  Girls Team Practice & Game

Wednesday (June 28th):  Game 1 Boys & Girls Practice & Game


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