Boys Basketball League (Ages 8-10) Information & Updates

Thanks for signing up for Season 2 of our Boys Basketball League (Ages 8-10)!  Please stay posted to this thread for updated scheduling and roster info over the next couple weeks.

(Updated 7/8, 1:50 pm):  The full season game schedule is now live as well.  Click here to check it out.  It is directly below the practice schedule.  Good luck in the season ahead!

(Updated 7/6, 6:45 pm):  The full season practice schedule is now live here.  The full season game schedule will be live on the same page within the next couple days.  Once the full season schedule is updated we will end updates on this page.

(Updated 7/1, 1:12 pm):The practice schedule for tomorrow is:

5:00 pm:  Spurs & Warriors

5:45 pm:  Knicks & Lakers

6:30 pm:  Bulls & Celtics

(Updated 7/1, 1:09 pm):  The rosters are all set for the season!  This is a very elaborate process.  All teams have been balanced by age, skill level, prior team for returning players, and by who can coach.  The teams that have more than ten players have players on their roster who didn’t show up on opening night, so it’s likely those teams will not have over ten players each week.  Here are the teams for the Summer 2018 season!!!  Good luck to everyone in the season ahead and thanks to all the coaches for volunteering!

(Updated 6/30, 11:07 pm):  Opening night is in the books!  Thanks for your patience as we finalize the rosters and post the practice schedule for Monday.  The rosters and schedule will be posted right here.  Practice times will be at 5-5:45 pm, 5:45-6:30 pm, and 6:30 – 7:15 pm.  Check back soon for the final breakdown!

(Updated 6/25, 11:33 pm):  Any players that have registered since we posted Group times is to show up and participate with Group 2 at 6:00 pm.

(Updated 6/24, 10:25 pm):  Here is the break down of the opening night groups.  Please arrive at the NBCC on Wednesday, June 27th at the following times:

5:15 pm (Group 1):

Owen Carrow, Bennett Carrow, Matthew Meetze, James Benton, Christopher Oquendo, Kingston Wood, Chad Houston, Kanaan Smith, Santana Boykin, Christian Gill, Isaac Lowinger, Fintan Doherty, Elijah Jones, Malcolm Ransom, Elijah Acosta, Gavin White, Skyler Syharath, Julian Bishop, Luke Noe, Aris Schultz, Najir Schultz, Braeden Wagner, Da’Ron Williams, Eric Humphrey, Marqué Sudduth, Braeden Thornton, Khaeden Thornton

6:00 pm (Group 2):

Hudson Herron, Amy Kirchner, Myles Dupree, Spencer Harrison jr, Grady Jones, Nuri Muhammad, Darien White, James Brown, Ujjval Dixit, ELIJAH ROBERSON, Jackie Gibbons, Anthony Christian, Ari Abrams, Justin Benning, Victory Shalamba, Adrian Bailey Jr., Dawn Stinner, Brandon Miller, Marquis Johnson, Akir Brooks, Bonaventure Shalamba, Bienvenu Shalamba

(Updated 6/22, 9:53 am):  Opening day is Wednesday, June 27th.  Players will be split into two groups at 5:15 and 6:00 pm.  The exact breakdown will be posted shortly.

(Updated 6/22, 9:50 am):  We still need players!  Click here to sign your kids up.  Please spread the word.  Another sold out season!  Thanks for the support everyone!

(Updated 6/21, 9:37 pm):  Opening night is almost here!  Stay posted to this thread for continuous updates throughout the first couple weeks of the season.

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